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  Издательство: Braun

  Performance Architecture + Design/ Арт-площадки: архитектура + дизайн
Автор: Chris van Uffelen
Цена: 1500.00 грн.
From the contents:

* Opera House in Valencia, Spain (Santiago Calatrava)
* Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, USA (Ateliers Jean Nouvel)
* Hessisches Landestheater in Darmstadt, Germany (Lederer+Ragnarsdóttir+Oei)
* Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, Great Britain (Bennetts Associates Architects)
* Guangzhou Opera House, China (Zaha Hadid Architects)

Theaters, concert halls and opera houses are among the most fascinating architectural tasks of today.

  Chalets Trendsetting Mountain Treasures/ Шале
Автор: Michelle Galindo, Sophie Steybe
Цена: 0.00 грн.
Today’s chalets have come a long way from their original function as herdsman’s hut in the Alps.

  Office Architecture + Design/ Офисы: архитектура + дизайн
Автор: Lara Menzel
Цена: 0.00 грн.
455 illustrations

* Click 3 x LA in Los Angeles, USA (Pugh + Scarpa Architects)
* ZEAL Picture Europe, Germany (GRAFT)
* Young & Rubicam in Sao Paolo, Brazil (NPC ARchitecture Group)
* Global Hyatt Corporate Headquarter in Chicago, USA (SOM Skidmore, Owings & Merrill)
* Cocoon in Zurich, Switzerland (Camenzind Evolution)

The modern business world, characterized by efficiency and technological progress, challenges ever more the creativity of architects and interior designers.

  Library Architecture + Design/ Библиотека Архитектура + дизайн
Автор: Manuela Roth
Цена: 0.00 грн.
From the contents:
Philological Library of the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (Foster + Partner)
Deusto Univesity Library in Bilbao, Spain (José Rafael Moneo)
Tama Art University Library in Tokyo, Japan (Toyo Ito)
Fleet Library at the RISD in Providence, RI, USA (Office dA)Viana do Castelo Library, Portugal (Álvaro Siza)

Because of the increasing requirements of multimedia the demands placed on libraries have grown enormously in the past decade The institution went through a true image transformation, from an introverted hoard of knowledge to a globally networked information vendor and communication broker.

  Kindergartens - Educational Spaces/ Детские сады и образовательные площадки
Автор: Michelle Galindo
Цена: 1800.00 грн.
From the contents:
Kindergarten in Sighartstein, Austria (Kadawittfeldarchitektur)
Els Colors in Barcelona, Spain (RCR Arquitectes)
Taka-Tuka-Land in Berlin, Germany (Baupiloten)
Bubbletecture M in Shiga, Japan (Shuhei Endo)
Kindergarten in Ramat-Hasharon, Israel (Lev-Gargir Architects)

Today’s kindergartens are characterized by ample space for play and movement, opportunities for creative work as well as colorful room and façade design.

  Fashion Worlds: Contemporary Retail Spaces/ Мир моды: современные торговые пространства
Автор: Michelle Galindo
Цена: 1100.00 грн.
From the contents:

- Hermès Rive Gauche in Paris, France (RDAI)
- Siki Im Concept Store in New York, USA (Leong Leong)
- Monki Carnaby Street in London, Great Britain (Electric Dreams)
- Arzu Kaporl Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey (Autoban)
- Fame Agenda Docklands in Melbourne, Australia (Matt Gibson)

Fashion is a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of the world we live in.

  Bungalow Architecture + Design/ Бунгало Архитектура + Дизайн
Автор: Michelle Galindo
Цена: 1290.00 грн.
From the contents:
House B-Wald in Stuttgart, Germany (Alexander Brenner Architekten)
Mandai Courtyard House in Singapore (Atelier M+A)
Hollywood Bungalow in Los Angeles, USA (Walker Workshop Design Build)
Codina House in Mendoza, Argentina (A4EStudio)
Island Retreat in Waiheke Island, New Zealand (Fearon Hay Architects)

The bungalow construction style is celebrating a revival.

  Masterpieces: Sacred Architecture + Design/ Шедевры: Сакральная Архитектура + Дизайн
Автор: Chris van Uffelen
Цена: 0.00 грн.
Sacral buildings are the most distinguished architectural accomplishments throughout the history of humanity.

  Rough Interiors/ Грубые интерьеры
Автор: Sibylle Kramer
Цена: 1450.00 грн.
The Waterhouse at Southbund in Shanghai, China
Astley Castle in Warwhickshire, UK (Witherford Watson Mann Architects)
SOHO House in Berlin, Germany (Susie Atkinson and Michaelis Boyd Associates)
RDM Innovation Deck in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Groosman Partners Architects)
Fresh Restaurant in Moscow, Russia (Sundokovy Sisters Studio)

Raw ceilings, unplastered walls, and visible concrete girders meet innovative conversion ideas, creative shapes, and modern materials – Rough Interiors presents 55 projects whose designers used the existing historic substance as the basis for their creative processes.

  Offices (Architecture in Focus)/ Офисы. Архитектура в фокусе
Автор: Chris van Uffelen
Цена: 2400.00 грн.
From the contents:
Dalian Twin Towers, China (gmp)
CMA CGM Tower in Marseille, France (Zaha Hadid)
7 World Trade Center in New York, USA (SOM)
Center for Virtual Engeneering in Stuttgart, Germany (UNStudio)
O-14 in Dubai, UAE (Reiser + Umemoto)

The expectations and demands on office buildings and workspaces have increased significantly in the course of the 21st century digital revolution.

  101 Hotel Rooms/ 101 гостиничный номер
Автор: Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, Peter Joehnk
Цена: 1600.00 грн.
101 Hotel Rooms showcases a wide variety of takes on the recurring theme of the hotel room.

  Hospital Architecture (2nd edition)/ Архитектура больниц
Автор: Christine Nickl-Weller
Цена: 2500.00 грн.
From the contents:

- Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Nevada, USA (Gehry Partners)
- Psychiatric Hospital in Helsingør, Denmark (BIG)
- Diabetic Center in Dubai, UAE (Studio Altieri)
- Robert-Bosch-Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany (Arcass)
- Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Great Britain (BDP)

Rapid advances in medicine coupled with increasingly aging societies have considerably changed the requirements of medical services.

  Facades: Design, Construction & Technology/ Фасады: проектирование, строительство и технологии
Автор: Lara Menzel
Цена: 2300.00 грн.
From the contents:
The New York Times Buildung in New York, USA (Renzo Piano with Fox & Fowle)
Red Sun Pavilion in London, UK (Ateliers Jean Nouvel)
Suites Avenue Aparthotel in Barcelona, Spain (Toyo Ito & Associates)
Ordos Art Museum, China (MAD)
Star Place in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, (UNStudio)

The facade is the visible surface of the building shell.

  Competition Architecture/ Конкурсная архитектура
Автор: Frederik Prinz
Цена: 2300.00 грн.
Competitions are among the most exciting occurrences in the field of architecture.

  Masterpieces: Chalet Architecture + Design/ Шедевры: Шале архитектура + дизайн
Автор: Michelle Galindo
Цена: 0.00 грн.
450 illustrations

From the contents:
* New Building in Brione, Switzerland (Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron)House in Mühlgraben, Austria (Maaars Architektur)
* Molly’s Cabin in Pointe au Baril, Canada (Agathom Co.

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